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Lexicomp Country Abbreviation Codes
Lexicomp Country Abbreviation Codes. AE - United Arab Emirates AR - Argentina AT - Austria AU - Australia BB - Barbados BD - Bangladesh BE - Belgium BF - Burkina Faso

Country Abbreviation
BIH,AUT: Bosnia and Herzegovina/Bosnia Hercegovina: BOH,AUT : Böhmen/Bohemia : BUK,AUT : Bukovina : BUR,AUT : Burgenland : KAE,AUT : Carinthia/Kärnten : KRA,AUT

State and Country Abbreviation Codes
State and country codes ... United States Abbreviations. ALABAMA- AL ALASKA- AK AMERICAN SAMOA- AS ARIZONA- AZ

Country Abbreviations « Sustainable Sources
Alphabetically by abbreviation Alphabetically by Country; Abbrev. Country Country Abbrev. ac: Ascension Island: ASCENSION ISLAND: AC: ad: Andorra: AFGHANISTAN: AF

What does ANK stand for? - All Acronyms Dictionary
19 meanings of ANK acronym and ANK abbreviation. Get the definition of ANK by All Acronyms dictionary. Top Definition: Ankle

Codes and Markings - Proof House
Codes and Markings: 101 Code following the model name on arms made for Sears, Roebuck & Company by Savage. 102 Code following the model name on arms made for Sears ...

punctuation - Is it proper to omit periods after ...
I've been reading the Economist lately and they apparently don't punctuate honorifics like "Mr.", "Mrs.", e.g. The popular rejection of Mr Mubarak offers the Middle ...

Repeat - definition of repeat by The Free Dictionary
re·peat (rĭ-pēt′, rē′pēt′) v. re·peat·ed, re·peat·ing, re·peats 1. To say again: Could you repeat the question? 2. To utter in duplication of ...

Intelligent String Abbreviation - SitePoint
This article introduces a function for string abbreviation.

Austria Train Travel and Things to Do |
See Austria by train with a Eurail pass! Discover trains, routes, and cities in Austria. Find out the best places and how to get there.

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