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Abbreviation - definition of abbreviation by The Free ...
Father Kelly, the priest, had found the name of the Spanish maker on the sword and an abbreviation that stood for the city of Cordova.

Country Abbreviation
BIH,AUT: Bosnia and Herzegovina/Bosnia Hercegovina: BOH,AUT : Böhmen/Bohemia : BUK,AUT : Bukovina : BUR,AUT : Burgenland : KAE,AUT : Carinthia/Kärnten : KRA,AUT

State and Country Abbreviation Codes
State and country codes ... United States Abbreviations. ALABAMA- AL ALASKA- AK AMERICAN SAMOA- AS ARIZONA- AZ

Country Abbreviations -
Sustainable Sources - One of the world's best online collections of information on alternative building techniques, materials, and assistance.

Repeat - definition of repeat by The Free Dictionary
re·peat (rĭ-pēt′, rē′pēt′) v. re·peat·ed, re·peat·ing, re·peats 1. To say again: Could you repeat the question? 2. To utter in duplication of ...

All World Countries Abbreviations List: Alphabetical Order ...
NOW PRINTABLE - Basic list of all the countries of the world and their abbreviations in alphabetical order for easy reading and printing options!

Country Abbreviations « Sustainable Sources
Alphabetically by abbreviation Alphabetically by Country; Abbrev. Country Country Abbrev. ac: Ascension Island: ASCENSION ISLAND: AC: ad: Andorra: AFGHANISTAN: AF

UNT Cosmetics││ABOUT UNT
UNT is sold in over 100 countries, making it Taiwan's No.1 online skincare brand. American Samoa,Albania , Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Belize ...

Jedward - Wikipedia
In 2012 saw Jedward again win the Irish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, this time with their song "Waterline". In May, Jedward performed ...

Vienna U-Bahn - Wikipedia
The Vienna U-Bahn (German: U-Bahn Wien), where U-Bahn is an abbreviation of the German term Untergrundbahn (English: underground railway), is one of the two rapid ...

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