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Ataxia | definition of ataxia by Medical dictionary
The first indication is for the treatment of Friedreich's ataxia, a fatal orphan disease with a disease mechanism common to many other diseases of aging and degeneration.

Loss of Balance (Unbalanced Gait) in Dogs | petMD
Ataxia, Vestibular Disease in Dogs . Ataxia is a condition relating to a sensory dysfunction that produces loss of coordination of the limbs, head, and/or trunk.

National Ataxia Foundation - General Ataxia References
General References. The following is a list of valuable ataxia related resources and information from other organizations. Clicking an item in the Index (below) takes ...

5 Natural Heartworm Treatment Alternatives - Dogs ...
You can skip toxic and severe conventional heartworm treatment with the help of a holistic vet and these 5 natural alternatives.

Canine Epilepsy-Using Potassium Bromide to control ...
Learn about canine epilepsy and medications used to contol seizures in dogs. Personal responses to your questions. Articles by leading vets and neurologists.

Metronidazole for Dogs – Is It Safe To Use?
Information about metronidazole for dogs, treatments and side effects. Do not give metronidazole to your dog until you read this!

Ivermectin Toxicity in Dogs and Cats -
Sources, signs, immediate care, and veterinarian care of an exposure to a toxin known as Ivermectin.

6 Ways to Treat Neck Pain in Dogs - wikiHow
How to Treat Neck Pain in Dogs. Dogs can suffer from neck pain, just like humans. The cause of neck pain can range from an innocuous muscular sprain, to disc disease ...

Gabapentin For Dogs | Dose My Pet
Uses of gabapentin for dogs As a GABA analog, gabapentin is typically used for the treatment of: Nerve pain; Seizures; Gabapentin may only be mildly effective for ...

Tuberculosis | definition of tuberculosis by Medical ...
Sheikh said that the tuberculosis treatment program covers all areas in Syria through 14 specialized centers and 104 other centers.

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