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A Diagnostic Approach to Mediastinal Abnormalities ...
In the era of cross-sectional imaging, mediastinal abnormalities can easily be identified. However, these abnormalities often manifest initially at conventional ...

Fleischner Society: Glossary of TermsforThoracicImaging
Fleischner Society: Glossary of TermsforThoracicImaging1 DavidM.Hansell,MD,FRCP,FRCR AlexanderA.Bankier,MD HeberMacMahon,MB,BCh,BAO TheresaC.McLoud,MD

The Radiology Assistant : Mediastinum - Masses
The following characteristics indicate that a lesion originates within the mediastinum: Unlike lung lesions, a mediastinal mass will not contain air bronchograms.

Mediastinum | definition of mediastinum by Medical dictionary
mediastinum [me″de-ah-sti´num] (L.) 1. a median septum or partition. 2. the mass of tissues and organs separating the sternum in front and the vertebral column ...

Subcarinal | definition of subcarinal by Medical dictionary
subcarinal (sŭb″kă-rī′năl) [ sub-+ carina + -al] Located just below the carina of the trachea, where it splits into the right and left mainstem bronchi.

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