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153 Comments - Rare Historical Photos
Father stares at the hand and foot of his five-year-old, severed as a punishment for failing to make the daily rubber quota, Belgian Congo, 1904

The Congo Free State genocide: -
Mass crimes against humanity and genocides The Congo Free State genocide: Circa 1885 to 1912. Sponsored link. Overview:

Democratic Republic of the Congo | World | The Guardian
Congo basin’s peaty swamps are new front in climate change battle

ODD NEWS AND STORIES: Japanese Atrocities
WARNING: This blog contains real stories and pictures of violence, atrocities, brutalities and bizaare news that are not seen on TV. Minors are suggested ...

Searching for Bonobo in Congo » Field notes from Dr Terese ...
Tip of giant Pangolin tail smoked for sale. The scales were removed and sold separately to an Asian market. The market for pangolin scales is exploding in D.R. Congo.

Reader's Guide for King Leopold's Ghost published by ...
Houghton Mifflin's Reader's Guide for King Leopold's Ghost by Adam Hochschild

Rwanda | World | The Guardian
The long read: The violence that shocked the world in 1994 did not come from nowhere. For years, violent Tutsi rebels, backed by Uganda in full knowledge of the CIA ...

RDC | Africatime
The bodies of 14 Tanzanian peacekeepers killed in the Democratic Republic of Congo by suspected Ugandan rebels were repatriated Monday, where the defence minister ...

World War I - Battles, Facts, Videos & Pictures -
Explore the history of World War I, including pivotal battles, milestone events, and cultural figures, only on

SADC Interventions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo ...
Analysing the impact of the Southern African Development Community's Interventions have on conflict in the DRC.

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