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John 19:40 Taking Jesus' body, the two of them wrapped it ...
New International Version Taking Jesus' body, the two of them wrapped it, with the spices, in strips of linen. This was in accordance with Jewish burial customs.

ANCIENT TOMBS: Archaeology, Death and the Bible
How did people in ancient times bury their dead? What were the tombs like? And why bury the dead anyway? Bench burial caves and wall recess tombs

Marriage, Childbirth, Death and Burial, Puberty and ...
Women in ancient times: choosing a husband, marriage, having children, burying the dead; what a woman was expected to know and do

The Bible and Interpretation
Bible and Interpretation Article ... The body was laid in a shallow pit or on a shelf for the first year, during which the flesh decayed, while the soul underwent the ...

Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View - aishcom
Why Jewish burial is important — for you and the soul of the departed.

Ancient Burial Practices | Jewish Virtual Library
In the Bible. Decent burial was regarded to be of great importance in ancient Israel, as in the rest of the ancient Near East. Not only the Egyptians, whose ...

Traditions & Customs - Brighton Memorial Chapel
Brighton Memorial Chapel honors and respects Jewish funeral and synagogue services by preparing families to handle their grief and loss as best as possible.

Soul Talk - The taharah, funeral and burial - Death & Mourning
Two important steps precede the actual burial: a) the Taharah ("purification"); b) the funeral (called the Levayah). The Taharah is a ritual cleansing process in ...

Cremation or Burial? - A Jewish View - Lectures
Doron Kornbluth is a bestselling author of Why Be Jewish?, Raising Kids to LOVE Being Jewish, and the newly released Cremation or Burial? A Jewish View (all by ...

Manners and Customs fo Bible Lands - NTSLibrary CUSTOMS AT MEALTIME Washing Of Hands Before Eating Position While Eating Use Of Table, Chairs, And Dishes

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