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Xenia Tornado
Photos, recollections, and audio recordings from the storms that struck the city on April 4, 1974, and September 20, 2000.

The Online Tornado FAQ (by Roger Edwards, SPC)
TORNADO DAMAGE. How does a tornado do damage? Most of the damage from a tornado happens one of two direct ways: exposure to extreme wind or impact by ...

Spring 2017 seasonal tornado outlook - U.S. Tornadoes
What will March, April, and May have in store for us this year? We dive into the long range forecast to give you a look at this spring's tornado potential.

8 Facts About the Biggest Tornadoes on Earth | Mental Floss
A huge twister can be one terrifying wedge of darkness, but it’s more common for these storms to have several smaller vortices swirling within the larger tornado ...

National Weather Service Forecast Office - Norman, OK
Local updates and forecasts for severe weather in the area.

NWS Birmingham, Alabama
NOAA National Weather Service NWS Birmingham, Alabama ... Hard Freeze Warning in effect through Thursday morning. Temperatures could drop into the teens overnight and ...

A Hitchhiker's Guide to Tornado Alley - AccuWeather
Tornado Alley is actually composed of four extreme wind expressways.

Peak of Tornado Season Shifting Earlier in Tornado Alley ...
The peak of tornado season is occurring 7-14 days earlier in Tornado Alley than it was 60 years ago.

The largest tornado outbreaks of 2016 - U.S. Tornadoes
We began tracking the biggest tornado outbreaks of the year in 2015. It’s still a work in progress when it comes to exact methodology, and doing so in real time ...

Last Days of a Storm Chaser - National Geographic Magazine
Tornadoes have touched down in every state. But big ones happen most regularly each spring in Tornado Alley, from Texas to the northern Great Plains.

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