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Best Choke for Buckshot - The Firing Line Forums
Best Choke for Buckshot The Dave McCracken Memorial Shotgun Forum • how many ounces of shot in buckshot?
I would guess that if Federal LE132 00 buckshot pellets weigh 49-50 grains as you report, it might partially be because their buckshot is copper-plated.

Shot (pellet) - Wikipedia
Shot is available in many sizes for different applications. The size of numbered shot decreases as the number increases. In hunting, some sizes are traditionally used ...

The Box O’ Truth #44 – Shotgun Chokes and Buckshot
Shotgun barrels have the last few inches of the barrel sized in various diameters to allow the shotgunner to choose a choke, or restriction, which will cau

DixieSlugs Q&A
Question and Answer - 2010 What/Who is Dixie Slugs? Dixie Slugs is a private owned and Federal Licensed Ammo manufacturer. What is the design concept behind Dixie Slugs?

Dixie Custom Rods
Dixie Custom Rods utilizes modern machining technology to machine reel seat diameters, rear grips, and butt caps to precisely fit the rod blank.

Shotguns / Shotgun Shells: -
Everything about shotgun shells and selecting the proper size shell, shot and chokes for shotgun hunting of wild game.

Pocket Shotguns And Hand Cannons | The Daily Caller
The newest modern derringers are now essentially the same caliber as Henry Deringer’s first pocket pistol of 1852. Back then, the muzzleloading single ...

GROUP K Tech Updates for Modified 785cc Laydown Rave Engines
GROUP K Tech Updates for Modified 785cc Laydown Rave Engines. NOTE: We have laid out this document in a way that shows the latest updates at the top of the two sections.

Carb Tuning 1999 - Group K
NOTE: Due to the heavy telephone and e-mail traffic of our spring season, our technicians will not be fielding any general technical questions related to the data in ...

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