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Buckshot at Ballistic Products, Inc.
Lead Buckshot. Our American-made Super Buck lead buckshot is swaged for near-perfect spherical shape. It is alloyed with 6% antimony for extra hardness.

Shot (pellet) - Wikipedia
Shot is available in many sizes for different applications. The size of numbered shot decreases as the number increases. In hunting, some sizes are traditionally used ...

DixieSlugs Q&A
Question and Answer - 2010 What/Who is Dixie Slugs? Dixie Slugs is a private owned and Federal Licensed Ammo manufacturer. What is the design concept behind Dixie Slugs?

Dixie Custom Rods
Dixie Custom Rods utilizes modern machining technology to machine reel seat diameters, rear grips, and butt caps to precisely fit the rod blank.

Shotgun Pattern Diameter Comparison: 30-60 Yards - YouTube
From A graphic comparison of shot pattern diameters using 1-1/8 oz. lead #7-1/2 shot at 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards by choke designation.

Muzzleloaders / Lead Round Ball Bullets / Diameter ...
Bullet: The word "Bullet" is derived from the French word "Boulette" which roughly means little ball. Lead Round Ball Bullets: Lead, round ball, bullets are a short ...

Shotgun Ammo and more Shotgun Ammo! is ...
Common Choke Restrictions: Shotgun bore diameters .000 restriction - cylinder .005 restriction - skeet .010 restriction - improved cylinder .015 restriction - light ...

View topic - Understanding Shotgun Chokes -
Shotgun chokes were designed to control pattern diameters at different yards. What is a pattern? It is just the grouping of the pellets at a given yardage.

Shotguns / Shotgun Shells: -
Everything about shotgun shells and selecting the proper size shell, shot and chokes for shotgun hunting of wild game.

250 Rounds of Bulk 20ga Ammo by Rio Ammunition - #1 Buck
Bulk 20ga Ammo by Rio Ammunition For Sale at - 250 Rounds of #1 Buck available online.

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