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Shot (pellet) - Wikipedia
Buckshot Buckshot is simply shot formed to larger diameters so that it can be used against bigger game such as deer. Sizes range in ascending order from size #B to Tri-Ball.

Shooting Illustrated | Buckshot Basics
Buckshot comes in various sizes. Nominal pellet diameter ranges from .24 caliber for No. 4 buck to .38 caliber for four-ought buck. The most popular buckshot is 00 buck, which has a nominal pellet diameter of .33 caliber.

Shotgun shell - Wikipedia
Buckshot. Larger sizes of shot, large enough that they must be carefully packed into the shell rather than simply dumped or poured in, are called "buckshot" or just "buck". Buckshot is used for hunting larger game, such as deer.

Best size of buckshot for personal defense? | The High Road
For personal defense there seems only to be two sizes of buckshot in widespread use. By far the most popular is double ought buck and then there is number 4 buck. We seem to leave out all of the rest. Below are the five different sizes of buckshot that are available for the 12 gauge.

Educational Zone #91 - Let's Talk About Buckshot - The Box ...
Educational Zone #91 – Let’s Talk About Buckshot. ... And several quoted manuals or lists which showed how much various sizes of buckshot were supposed to weigh.

Hornady® Lead Buck Shot : Cabela's
Five pounds of Hornady's premium buckshot. Per 5 lbs. Sizes: 000 Buck 00 Buck.330" 0 Buck, .320

American Shot Sizes part II: Buckshot - Shotguns 101 #2 ...
In the previous video, I established some basic shot-related concepts, and discussed standard American birdshot sizes. Now, in this video, I'll talk a ...

Buckshot at Ballistic Products, Inc.
Lead Buckshot. Our American-made Super Buck lead buckshot is swaged for near-perfect spherical shape. It is alloyed with 6% antimony for extra hardness.

do not resize - these circles are exact size u.s. standard designations shot sizes shot number 12.05 2,385 n/a ... buckshot sizes

Shotgun Shells Explained—The New Shooter’s Dictionary
Buckshot nomenclature runs from No. 4 Buck (diameter .220-inch) to 000 (pronounced “triple-ought” or “triple-aught”) Buck (.360”), so as it is with other shot sizes, the higher the number the smaller the pellet size, and the more zeros in the “aught” size the larger the pellet diameter.

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