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gliosis - definition of gliosis by Medical dictionary
gliosis /gli·o·sis/ (gli-o´sis) an excess of astroglia in damaged areas of the central nervous system. gli·o·sis (glē-ō′sĭs, glī-) n. Excessive ...

Spinal Cord Lesions - Michigan State University
IV. SPINAL CORD LESIONS A. General comments. The complex of anatomy of the vertebral column and the great concentration of important tracts in a structure of small ...

Gliosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Gliosis is a nonspecific reactive change of glial cells in response to damage to the central nervous system (CNS). In most cases, gliosis involves the proliferation ...

Types of Spinal Cord Disorders -
Types of Spinal Cord Disorders including less common types and symptoms and diagnosis of the correct subtype.

Spinal Cord Abscess - Medscape Reference
Spinal Cord Abscess. Intramedullary spinal cord abscesses are infrequently encountered in everyday neurosurgical practice.

Spinal Cord |authorSTREAM
Spinal cord : Spinal cord Lower part of CNS which establish contact between the brain in the cranial cavity and the peripheral end organ 2

The pathophysiology of spinal cord injury and its clinical ...
1. Semin Vet Med Surg (Small Anim). 1996 Nov;11(4):201-7. The pathophysiology of spinal cord injury and its clinical implications. Kraus KH(1).

Spinal cord injury: From inflammation to glial scar
Glial scar (GS) is the most important inhibitor factor to neuroregeneration after spinal cord injury (SCI) and behaves as a tertiary lesion. The present ...

JCI - Advances in stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury
Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a devastating condition producing great personal and societal costs and for which there is no effective treatment.

MRI monitoring of pathological changes in the spinal cord ...
The spinal cord is a clinically important site that is affected by pathological changes in most patients with multiple sclerosis; however, imaging of the spinal

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