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Disposable Toilet Can Help Grow Crops in Developing Nations
It’s hard to imagine something as filthy as a toilet being used to grow food. Yet that’s exactly what one Swedish architect hopes to do in the developing world ...

Salt-grown potatoes could revolutionize crop production ...
Potatoes grown in salty soil could mean that crops in the future could be grown where others have failed.

Nutritious Staple Food Crops: Who is Growing What
zimbabwe zambia uganda tanzania syria south africa sierra leone senegal rw. philippines panama pakistan nigeria niger nicaragua nepal mozambique mexico mali malawi

Save and Grow: Cassava - 5. Crop nutrition
5. Crop nutrition. Combining ecosystem processes with judicious use of mineral fertilizer forms the basis of a sustainable crop nutrition system that produces more ...

Crop diversity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Crop diversity is the variance in genetic and phenotypic characteristics of plants used in agriculture. Crops may vary in seed size, branching pattern, in height ...

Agriculture in Kenya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Agriculture in Kenya dominates Kenya's economy. 15–17 percent of Kenya's total land area has sufficient fertility and rainfall to be farmed, and 7–8 percent can ...

New Agriculturist: Country profile - Democratic Republic ...
Country: Democratic Republic of Congo; Capital: Kinshasa; Area: 2,345,410 sq km; Population: 66,514,504 (July 2008 est.) Population growth rate: 3.2% (2008 est.)

Cassava - Purdue University
Common Names Yuca Tapioca Manioc Scientific Names Species: Manihot esculenta Crantz Syn: M. ultissima Phol Syn: M. aipi Phol Family: Euphorbiaceae Uses

Peanuts grown in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina
History of Peanuts grown in Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina ~ Order Peanuts Online

HS1056/HS306: Coffee Growing in the Florida Home Landscape
Table 1. Cultural calendar for coffee production of bearing plants in the home landscape.

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