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Human Culture: What is Culture? - Palomar College
There is a difference of opinion in the behavioral sciences about whether or not we are the only animal that creates and uses culture.

Definition of Holistic - What is Holistic?
Holistic Definition. Holistic: A holistic approach to healing recognizes that the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical elements of each person comprise a system.

What Is a Holistic Doctor? | eHow
What Is a Holistic Doctor?. Holistic doctors possess a medical degree and are trained and educated in traditional medicine. They can address normal medical ...

Welcome to AHNA: What is Holistic Nursing?
What is Holistic Nursing? Florence Nightingale, who believed in care that focused on unity, wellness, and the interrelationship of human beings and their environment ...

Holistic education - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Holistic education is a philosophy of education based on the premise that each person finds identity, meaning, and purpose in life through connections to the ...

What Is a Holistic Massage? (with Pictures) | eHow
What Is a Holistic Massage?. Holistic massage is an ancient method of healing that clears the lymphatic drainage system and releases toxins from the body.

Holistic health - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Holistic health (or holistic medicine) is a diverse field of alternative medicine in which the "whole person" is focused on, not just the malady itself.

Holistic Psychology Definition, What is the New Psychology?
Dr. Jeanette is a licensed psychologist with a holistic psychology based on learning theory research and healthy energy flow in the body and emotions; a Philadelphia ...

What is Holistic Parenting? - Holistic Moms Network
What is Holistic Parenting? Holistic parenting begins with an understanding and respect for how all living things are connected and how we impact one another.

Is Your Culture Holistic, Monochronic or Collectivist?
Critical things to know about managing employees globally: Are you holistic, specific, monochronic, polychronic, individualistic or collectivist?

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