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CONSUMERS - Secondary Consumers, Tertiary Consumers ...
Tertiary Consumers. Some animals are called tertiary consumers. This means they eat secondary consumers. Tertiary consumers are often the “top predators” in a food chain.

Trophic level - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Second trophic level Rabbits eat plants at the first trophic level, so they are primary consumers.

Use consumers in a sentence | consumers sentence examples
How to use consumers in a sentence. Example sentences with the word consumers. consumers example sentences.

Consumers | Define Consumers at
Consumers definition, a person or thing that consumes. See more.

Tertiary sector of the economy - Wikipedia, the free ...
The tertiary sector of the economy (also known as the tertiary service sector or the service industry) is one of the four economic sectors, the others being the ...

What is Tertiary Industry? definition and meaning
Definition of tertiary industry: nounan industry which does not produce raw materials or manufacture products but offers a service such as banking,... Biosphere: Food Chains! This tutorial introduces food chains. Other sections include the atmosphere, biosphere, climates, and ecosystems.

External Environment | Business | tutor2u
The external environment is the factors outside a business that can affect its operation by influencing its activities and choices and determine its opportuniti

Food Chain:
Food Chain: ... Autotroph Definition - Multiple Choice Comprehension Quiz Answer 8 multiple-choice questions on the definition of autotroph; a ...

Definition of Tertiary Activities | eHow
Definition of Tertiary Activities. Business activity is divided into three categories: primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary activities include extracting raw ...

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