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Canada Facts – Facts About Canada
Most searched for facts: Canada’s Population: 35.1 million (2013) Number of Households: 13.3 million (2011 census) Size of Canada: 9,984,670 sq. km, 3,855,103 sq. mi.

History and Facts about Canada and provinces in Canada.
History and Facts about Canada, provinces in Canada and the population in Canada

Canada Facts for Kids -
There is more to know about the world than what happens inside your own country's borders, and Canada facts for kids reveal a lot about America's northern neighbor.

Quebec | Fishing in Canada
The wild lakes and streams of Quebec offer anglers great opportunities to pursue a number of species using a variety of fishing techniques. Whether fly fishing tackle ...

Canada Facts for Kids
All About Canada - Geography Fun Facts for Kids. Learn geography facts about Canada through our FREE and Easy Science and Geography for Kids Online Website

Quebec | history - geography - province, Canada ...
Quebec: Eastern province of Canada. Constituting nearly one-sixth of Canada’s total land area, Quebec is the largest of Canada’s 10 provinces in size and is ...

Info Canada | Information about Canada
Majority of Americans Support Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants Survey Reveals Barriers Faced by Skilled Migrants in Canada; Shortage of Agriculture Workers ...

145 Weird, Fun and Interesting Facts About Canada
Here are 145 weird, fun & just plain interesting facts about Canada in honour of her 145th birthday on July 1st. Facts cover geography, people, food & more.

10 Mind-Boggling Facts About Canada - Reader's Digest
You might know a lot about your hometown, but these surprising facts about Canada will make you look at our beautiful country in a whole new way.

Canada Facts, Capital City, Currency, Flag, Language ...
Name: Canada; Name: (long form) None; Name Origin: The name Canada is from the Saint-Lawrence Iroquoian word kanata, which means village, settlement or land.

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