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Delaware State Facts -
delaware fun facts and trivia ... Delaware was the first state to ratify the United States constitution. It did so on December 7, 1787.

13 Colonies – Delaware Colony
Delaware Colony Activities on : Delaware Colony Reading Comprehension Online – This is an online reading comprehension exercise with ten questions.

New York Colony Facts -
Interesting New York Colony Facts: The New York Colony was originally called the Province of New York (from 1664), and later New York. The original boundaries of the ...

New Jersey Colony Facts -
Interesting New Jersey Colony Facts: From 1664 to 1702 the New Jersey Colony was divided into East Jersey and West Jersey. Each had their own constitution.

Pennsylvania Fun facts - PA Visitors Network
Fun Facts: Nickname: Keystone State - During colonial times Pennsylvania was the middle colony of the original 13 colonies. It held the colonies together like the ...

The 13 American Colonies: Massachusetts
The 13 Colonies of America. Massachusetts . Founded: 1630 by John Winthrop and others, at Massachusetts Bay. Major Industry: Agriculture (fishing ...

The 13 American Colonies: Georgia - Social Studies for Kids
The 13 Colonies of America. Georgia . Founded: 1732 by James Oglethorpe and others. Major Industry: Agriculture (indigo, rice, sugar)

North Carolina - State Symbols, Fun Facts, Photos, Visitor ...
North Carolina: Entered the Union: Nov. 21, 1789 (12) State Symbols Tree: Longleaf Pine Flower: Dogwood Bird: Cardinal

October History In Pop Culture is part of the Pop Culture Madness network - your complete Trivia and entertaining news resource. Our motto: "All The Pop Culture News ...

Rhode Island - Fun Facts, State Symbols, Photos, Visitor Info
Rhode Island State Beaches : Rhode Island State Parks : Rhode Island Historic Sites : Rhode Island Attractions : Fishing in Rhode Island: Hunting in Rhode Island

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