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Delaware Colony Facts - Soft Schools
Interesting Delaware Colony Facts: Major religious groups in the Delaware Colony included Quakers, Catholics, Jews, and Lutherans. There was no dominating religion ...

Delaware facts - about Delaware fun facts for kids
Delaware facts - How did Delaware get its name - top 10 interesting Delaware fun facts for kids - first state - random amazing cool Delaware facts

Delaware Fun Facts | Questions & Answers | States A-D
61 questions and answers about 'Delaware' in our 'States A-D' category. Did you know these fun facts and interesting bits of information?

Delaware Colony - History and Information
Learn more about the Delaware colony which was founded in 1638 as New Sweden, and was later part of New Netherland before being claimed by the British

Fun Facts About the Middle Colonies -
Fun Facts About the Middle Colonies. The middle colonies refer to five of the original thirteen colonies established under British Rule in the seventeenth century ...

Delaware State Facts -
delaware fun facts and trivia ... Delaware was the first state to ratify the United States constitution. It did so on December 7, 1787.

Facts About the New Jersey Colony - Education
Learn more about the colony of New Jersey including its significance and important people.

New York Colony Facts - Soft Schools
Interesting New York Colony Facts: The New York Colony was originally called the Province of New York (from 1664), and later New York. The original boundaries of the ...

Pennsylvania Facts - Pennsylvania Visitors Network
Fun Facts: Nickname: Keystone State - During colonial times Pennsylvania was the middle colony of the original 13 colonies. It held the colonies together like the ...

Delaware Facts - Symbols, Famous People, Sports Teams
Delaware Fun Facts. Delaware was named after the Delaware River and Bay, which in turn was named after Thomas West (Lord De La Warr), the governor of the Colony of ...

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