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Suture Ease
medical device company, meeting the needs of laparoscopic surgeons!

Spectrum® and Spectrum MVP™ - CONMED
The Spectrum ® family of suture passing instruments set the bar for precise, efficient, and versatile suture passing. The 1.8mm low profile suture hook of the Spectrum MVP ™ device passes and retrieves suture without the need for a separate suture shuttling step, whereas the Spectrum II system offers a broad array of suture hook configurations covering a wide variety of suture passing needs.

IFU - Stryker Sustainability Solutions
Distributed IntelliVue MX40 Patient Cable Adapter, Trunk, and Extender Cables Distributed Intellivue MX40 Single-Use-Patient Cables Distributed OEM Trunk Cable Adapters

Hi-Fi® Suture and Tape - CONMED
NEW Hi-Fi Tape: Hi-Fi Tape is 69% less abrasive than the leading competitor when measuring tendon tear-through 1 and offers broader compression than #2 suture for increased tendon-to-bone interface. Hi-Fi Tape is more than twice as strong as #2 suture 2 and simplifies double-row repairs by eliminating the need for medial knot tying. #2 Hi-Fi Suture: The suture-tendon interface represents a ...

Ti-Cron vs. Tycron suture - MTStars :: A community of ...
Serving Over 20,000 US Medical Transcriptionists: Ti-Cron vs. Tycron suture Posted By: Cass on 2008-12-08 In Reply to: Subject: Ti-Cron vs. Tycron suture I believe it is Ti-Cron but can't find a definite for QA please help

Bipolar Forcep Reusable Cautery Cord (Wolf Generator to ...
This bipolar forcep cautery cord connects wolf generators to all straight twin pin instruments.

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PCGR IPP CDM CDM 25 Most Common Procedures Hospital Name: Antelope Valley Hospital OSHPD Facility No: 106190034 OSHPD Facility No: 103190034 In response to requests from hospitals and the public, OSHPD has developed this form to assist hospitals in collecting and submitting the average charge for 25 common outpatient procedures performed by hospitals, as required by AB 1045 (Chapter 532 ...

Advanced Techniques in Gynaecology, Obstetrics, Assisted Reproduction, Perinatal medicine and Paediatrics
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