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Lingular pneumonia - Doctor answers - HealthTap
Pneumonia: Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs caused by bacteria, viruses, or fungus. It can be diagnosed by a physician by chest x-ray in most cases. Most cases (if caught early enough) can be easily treated as an outpatient.

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Lingular Pneumonia. The frontal view shows an airspace density in the left lower lung field (red arrow) which is silhouetting the left heart border (white arrow).

What is lingular pneumonia???? | Yahoo Answers
The lingula is the name of a certain portion of the left upper lobe lung. Therefore, lingular pneumonia is simply a pneumonia in this specific area.

Lingula Medical Definition | Merriam-Webster Medical ...
Medical definition of lingula: a tongue-shaped process or part: as; a ridge of bone in the angle between the body and the greater wing of the sphenoid

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lingula lin·gu·la (lĭng'gyə-lə) n. pl.-lae (-lē') Any of several tongue-shaped processes.

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The lingula on the left serves as an anatomic parallel to the right middle lobe, with both areas being predisposed to similar infections and anatomic complications. There are two bronchopulmonary segments of the lingula: superior and inferior.

Lingular Pneumonia |
Lingular Pneumonia: Symptoms Workup Diagnosis Treatment Complications Causes Epidemiology Incidence Prognosis Check at

What in lingular pneumonia -
it is a bacterial infection of the upper left lung. it can be diagnosed by clinical symptoms (productive cough, upper abdominal pain, abnormal lung sounds like crackling and creaking, rapid breathing, and/or fever.) When available, it is chest x-rays are used for more definitive diagnosis.

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