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Case Search FAQ - Maryland Judiciary
What records are available on Case Search? Maryland District Court ... How far back can you inquire about cases in Case Search? ... The abbreviations and comment ...

Glossary of Legal Terms and Abbreviations - Maryland State ...
Glossary of Legal Terms and Abbreviations. ... Where the courts in Maryland have ... In the title of a court case reference the name of the ...

Glossary of Court Terms - Maryland Courts
Glossary of Court Terms. ... the authority that a higher court has to review cases decided in a lower court; the Maryland Court of Appeals ...

Court abbreviation meanings - Q&A - Avvo
Court abbreviation meanings 1/14/15 Defendant ... Maryland Judiciary Case Search will tell you the length of the jail sentence by indicating the length of the ...

Finding Federal Case Law | The Maryland People's Law Library
Finding Federal Case Law ... so the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland must follow the interpretations of law ... 4th Cir. is the court abbreviation;

Maryland Court of Appeals Md. Maryland Court of Special Appeals Md. Spec. App. ... APPENDIX 4: COURT ABBREVIATIONS Court Abbrev. United States Court of

Clerk's Abbreviations - Civil - CourtLogic
Clerk's Abbreviations - Civil. Code Guide NC court records often contain abbreviated codes. ... Case Disposition Codes; CLER: Clerk of Superior Court:

docket abbreviations.docx 1 The Clerk's Office maintains a docket sheet for each civil and criminal case filed with the court. The docket sheet is a chronological ...

EVENT CODES TRAFFIC for FAQ - Maryland Courts
CCHG/Case Data Change CCNO/Circuit Court Case Number CCVE/Circuit Court Verdict Entered CMIT/Committed ... Microsoft Word - EVENT CODES TRAFFIC for FAQ.doc

Common Abbreviations Used in Criminal Record Reports
Common Abbreviations Used in Criminal Record Reports ... publish a standard list, many abbreviations are the result of local court "ingenuity." This list of

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