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Metal - Chemistry Glossary Definition
Metal definition, as used in chemistry, chemical engineering, and physics.

Heavy Metal Definition in Chemistry
Heavy Metal Definition: A heavy metal is a toxic metal. There is no standard definition assigning metals as heavy metals. Some lighter metals and metalloids are toxic ...

Metal | Definition of metal by Merriam-Webster
Definition of METAL. transitive verb: to cover or furnish with metal . First Known Use of METAL. 1617. Rhymes with METAL. fettle, nettle, settle

Metal | Define Metal at
Chang used silicon and metal because she wanted her device to be touch-friendly, yet allude to jewelry.

Metal dictionary definition | metal defined
The definition of metal is any of the elements with a positive electrical charge, typically with a shiny surface and a good conductor of heat.

Metals | Define Metals at
Chemistry. such a substance in its pure state, as distinguished from alloys. an element yielding positively charged ions in aqueous solutions of its salts.

metal - definition of metal by The Free Dictionary
He tried to ask them from whence the metal came, but he could not make them understand.

chemistry - definition of chemistry by The Free Dictionary
Each was a spur to the other, and they went into chemistry deeper than did ever students before--so deep, in fact, that ere they took their sheepskins they could have ...

Metals definition of Metals in the Free Online Encyclopedia
Metals . simple substances (chemical elements) with characteristic properties under normal conditions: high electrical and thermal conductivity, negative temperature ...

Chemical Bond definition of Chemical Bond in the Free ...
chemical bond, mechanism whereby atoms atom [Gr.,=uncuttable (indivisible)], basic unit of matter; more properly, the smallest unit of a chemical element having the ...

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