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Chemistry - definition of chemistry by The Free Dictionary
Define chemistry. chemistry synonyms, chemistry pronunciation, chemistry translation, English dictionary definition of chemistry. n. pl. chem·is·tries 1. The ...

Chemistry | Definition of Chemistry by Merriam-Webster
Define chemistry: a science that deals with the composition, structure, and properties of substances and with the… — chemistry in a sentence

chemistry | Definition, Topics, & History |
Chemistry: Chemistry, the science of the properties of substances, the transformations they undergo, and the energy that transfers during these processes.

alkali metal | Definition, Properties, & Facts ...
Alkali metal: Alkali metal, any of the six elements of Group 1 (Ia) of the periodic table—lithium, sodium, postassium, rubidium, cesium, and francium.

Metal - Wikipedia
A metal (from Greek μέταλλον métallon, "mine, quarry, metal") is a material (an element, compound, or alloy) that is typically hard when in solid state ...

Metal | Define Metal at
Metal definition, any of a class of elementary substances, as gold, silver, or copper, all of which are crystalline when solid and many of which are characterized by ...

Alkali - Wikipedia
In chemistry, an alkali (/ ˈ æ l k əl aɪ /; from Arabic: al-qaly “ashes of the saltwort”) is a basic, ionic salt of an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal ...

Chemistry Questions including "How is plexiglass made"
Chemistry Questions including "How is plexiglass made" and "How many grams are there in a liter"

The Chemistry Behind Airbags - Department of Chemistry
Gas Laws Save Lives: The Chemistry Behind Airbags Stoichiometry and the Gas Constant Experiment

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While our foundation has held firm, we pride ourselves on continuing to modernize the curriculum and our teaching practices. The prestigious 2016 Bernard M. Gordon ...

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