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Mulatto - Wikipedia
Mulatto is a term used to refer to persons born of one white parent and one black parent or to persons born of a mulatto parent or parents. The term today is ...

History of slavery in Virginia - Wikipedia
Slavery in Virginia dates to 1619, soon after the founding of Virginia as an English colony by the London Virginia Company. The company established a headright system ...

the earliest laws of Virginia - Virtual Jamestown
October 1629-ACT IX. [Although this law did not rule out the possibility that English women would work in the tobacco fields, it did begin the process of creating a ...

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson & Slavery in Virginia
Issues and Articles - George Washington, Thomas Jefferson & Slavery in Virginia ,It is ironic that two prominent Founding Fathers who owned slaves (Thomas Jefferson ...

Virtual Jamestown
Jamestown and the Virginia Experiment. The Virtual Jamestown Archive is a digital research, teaching and learning project that explores ...

History of Slavery - The Civil War -
You Found It! An incredible presentation on the History of Slavery with Lots of Pictures of Slaves and Historic Documents

RACE - The Power of an Illusion . Background Readings | PBS
INTERVIEW WITH AUDREY SMEDLEY edited transcript. Audrey Smedley is a professor of anthropology at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Slavery and the Making of America . Timeline | PBS
SLAVERY AND THE MAKING OF AMERICA is a production of Thirteen/WNET New York. © 2004 Educational Broadcasting Corporation. All rights reserved.

H-Net Reviews
Scholarly review published by H-Net Reviews ... The Last Taboo. In 1800, a minister of the Gloria Dei Church in Philadelphia refused to marry an interracial couple.

CHURCH FAMILY . Members of the Church family on the Eastern Shore of Virginia were. i. Susanna, born say 1674, a "Molatto" presented by the Accomack County ...

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