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Niels Bohr - Wikipedia
Born: Niels Henrik David Bohr 7 October 1885 Copenhagen, Denmark: Died: 18 November 1962 (aged 77) Copenhagen, Denmark: Nationality: Danish: Fields: Physics

Niels Bohr: Biography & Atomic Theory - Live Science
Niels Bohr won a Nobel Prize for the idea that an atom is a small, positively charged nucleus surrounded by orbiting electrons. He also contributed to quantum theory.

Niels Bohr Atomic Theory - Chemistry Help
Niels Bohr atomic theory can used to explain the structure of all atoms. Niels Bohr atomic theory was a combination of Rutherford’s model and an idea of atom, with ...

Niels Bohr | Biography |
Niels Bohr was born in Copenhage and best known for his work in atomic theory. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 and participated in the Manhattan Project.

Niels Bohr | Danish physicist |
Already in his 1913 trilogy, Bohr had sought to apply his theory to the understanding of the periodic table of elements. He improved upon that aspect of his work into ...

Niels Bohr - Biographical
Niels Bohr - Biographical. Niels Henrik David Bohr was born in Copenhagen on October 7, 1885, as the son of Christian Bohr, Professor of Physiology at Copenhagen ...

Bohr model - Wikipedia
The Bohr model gives almost exact results only for a system where two charged points orbit each other at speeds much less than that of light. This not only includes ...

Niels Bohr - NNDB
Niels Bohr. AKA Niels Henrik David Bohr. Father of Quantum Theory. Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark Location of death: Copenhagen, Denmark Cause of death: Stroke ...

Niels Bohr - Facts - Nobel Prize
The discoveries of the electron and radioactivity at the end of the 19th century led to different models for the structure of the atom. In 1913, Niels Bohr proposed a ...

Niels Bohr - Physicist, Scientist -
On, the life of Niels Bohr, the Danish physicist who won the Nobel Prize for his work on atom structures and who called for global peace.!

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