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Faces of Oral Cancer | Six-Step Screening
Honor or Remember a Person Who Faced Oral Cancer. Email a photo and info to

口腔がん ~診療ガイドライン. ガイドライン文中の文献番号から,該当する文献リストへリンクされます

Uso de férula de descarga en una paciente con bruxismo
RESUMEN. Se presenta el caso clínico de una paciente con bruxismo, a la cual se colocó una férula intrabucal de acrílico para uso permanente, mientras era tratada ...

Lactancia materna e inmunidad: Impacto social - SciELO
ABSTRACT The use and disuse of breast feeding has been a controversial topic since remote times, as mud feeding bottles have been found in Roman children's graves ...

英和医学用語集(内科学会 ... -
英和医学用語集(内科学会1993 +循環器学会1995 +生理学会1987 ) 1997.04.21. upload この医学用語集は、北里大学医学部および ...

Upper GI Endoscopy (EGD or Panendoscopy)
Upper GI Endoscopy (EGD or Panendoscopy) Your doctor has ordered an upper gastrointestinal (GAS-troh-in-TES-tuh-nal) (GI) endoscopy (en-DOS-kuh-pee) for you.

Difference Between Endoscopy and Gastroscopy
Endoscopy vs Gastroscopy One of the most important tools in the modern clinician’s arsenal is the imaging device. There are many imaging devices using a m

Difference Between Colonoscopy and Endoscopy
Colonoscopy vs Endoscopy Endoscope is a name for the common devices that have a light source and help to visualise the organ/ body cavity. When it is used to

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