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respectively. in precisely the order given; sequentially. (of two or more things, with reference to two or more things previously mentioned) referring or applying to in a parallel or sequential way: Joe and Bob escorted Betty and Alice, respectively.

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Definition of respectively in the Dictionary. Meaning of respectively. What does respectively mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic ...

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Respectively means 'in the order described'. I think this is a lovely example where one might make a number of interpretations concerning the author's intentions: "We are looking for a babysitter to pick up and supervise our kids ages 6 and 3, respectively" could mean they want someone to pick up their 6-year old and supervise their 3-year old.

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respectively (Adverb) In a relative manner; often used when comparing lists, where the term denotes that the items in the lists correspond to each other in the order they are given. Serena Williams and Roger Federer won the women's and men's singles titles, respectively, at the 2010 Australian Open.

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What I mean by these two statements may perhaps be respectively elucidated by the following examples. View in context The chance comparison in this chapter, between the whale and the elephant, so far as some aspects of the tail of the one and the trunk of the other are concerned, should not tend to place those two opposite organs on an equality, much less the creatures to which they respectively belong.

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(4) Earlier, Zhang also met respectively with visiting Japanese Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Bessho Koro and State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Yutaka Banno. (5) It exhibited both low water and oil capacity respectively 3.62 and 1.28 per g of sample. (6) She gave beer to the man and a toy to the baby, respectively.

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But respectively means "in the order given," so if you have to kiss up to the rest of the mob, make sure to shake hands and high five Jimmy Rags and Tommy Two Face, respectively because Jimmy prefers a handshake, but Tommy loves a good high five.

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Define respectively: in particular : separately; in the order given — respectively in a sentence

Respectively dictionary definition | respectively defined
Respectively is defined as in the order given. An example of respectively is what one might say instead of "in that order" in "Alice is 5 and James is 7, in that order.".

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