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meaning in context - What does "resp." mean in these ...
What does “resp.” mean in these sentences? up vote 15 down vote favorite. 4. ... It seems that "resp." was intended to mean "respectively".

What Does Jihad Mean? :: Middle East Quarterly
What Does Jihad Mean? by Douglas E. Streusand Middle East Quarterly September 1997, pp. 9-17. ... (Abode of Islam) and Dar al-Harb (Abode of War) respectively.

meaning - What does "wherein" mean exactly? - English ...
What does “wherein” mean exactly? ... or "where-", respectively. in which == wherein from that == therefrom by this == hereby after this ... What does it exactly ...

What does it mean when a router is described as being N150 ...
What does it mean when a router is described as being N150/N300/N600/N750/N900? ... are achieved with different channel widths, 20/40/60/80 MHz respectively.

What Does It Mean if a Tree Bleeds Sap? - Home
Question: What Does It Mean if a Tree Bleeds Sap? Answer: There are some trees that you should wait to prune until later in the spring because they tend to bleed sap.

What Does the URL Mean? | eHow
What Does the URL Mean?. Uniform Resource Locators, or URLs, ... The directory and filenames behave like street names and address numbers respectively.

c++ - what does __declspec(dllimport) really mean? - Stack ...
... Which Q_CORE_EXPORT macro defines like below: define Q_DECL_IMPORT __declspec(dllimport) So what does . current community. chat. Stack Overflow

What does oppa mean? | Loving Korean | Boyfriend in Korea
What does oppa mean? ... What do you call an older male who you aren’t close to, but need to address respectively? Like just mentioning their name? Reply.

What does AM and PM mean -
What does AM and PM mean? . Edit. Answer by Colin ... What does pm mean in guitar? palm mute 1 person found this useful Edit. Share to: What does am pm mean?

Winfred - Meaning of Winfred, What does Winfred mean?
Meaning of Winfred - What does Winfred mean? Read the name meaning, origin, pronunciation, and popularity of the baby name Winfred for boys.

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