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White Oblong Pill With R 333 - Topics - MedsChat
Discussion threads and articles about White Oblong Pill With R 333. Showing 1 - 17 of 17 results matching your query.

What Is R 333 White Pill - Topics - MedsChat
a 333 white oval pill 4 Replies RSS I have a pill marked A 333 and blank on the other side, cannot find what it is on any website. Can someone help me figure out what ...

What is this pill - oval shape with A 333 imprint?
What is this pill - without an imprint? its white,small,oval shape has no imprints apart from the groove/line down the middle of one side to help with breaking it in ...

333 Pill - Campral 333 mg - | Prescription Drug ...
Pill imprint 333 has been identified as Campral (acamprosate) 333 mg. View images and comprehensive information for this drug.

What is this white long oval pill imprinted A333?
A333 on one side, nothing on the other side, white long oval pill

What is an oval pill with imprint A 333 on one side?
I found a pill in my husbands drawer with the imprint A 333 on one side and blank on the other, oval shape and white color. I cannot find anywhere online what it is.

Guide to Disinfectants : General Farm Biosecurity ...
Additional Resources: Disinfectant Search Searchable database of disinfectants by manufacturer, disinfectant class, or disease/pathogen from the National Biosecurity ...

Number 333 Symbolism, 333 Meaning and Numerology
RE:The search for the meaning of 333 by Angie - 2/16/15 1:11 PM I have for a while now been having 333 re-occurances. Sometimes daily, sometimes 2 X's a day.

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